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Carta para a Família!

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Carta para a Familia

Oii Meninas,

“Your Host Family Letter”, sim isso ai… a carta para familia, vou postar aqui a minha carta para a familía. A carta nada mais é do que uma Introdução de você mesma para Familia, por isso, é bom caprichar bem nessa parte porque esse será o primeio  meio de contato que a familía terá com você. Na Experimento, a carta tem que ter no minimo 600 palavras, e a Agente também  entrega um Manualzinho de como preencher o App e lá tem uma base de como seguir sua carta, assim:

*obs. quis manter meu inglês horrível de quando escrevi isso para ver a diferença haha

  • Who you are (your family and friends)
  • What your hobbies and interests are
  • Discuss your childcare experience and the children you cared for. Explain why and how you enjoyed the experience and what you learned from it.
  • Tell them what you hope to gain from your experience on the program. What interests you about American families, children and culture?
 Eu encrementei um pouco mais a minha carta, contando algumas coisas detalhadamente, para poder causar uma boa impressão. Mas isso é de cada uma…Eu pensei em contar exatamente, aquilo que eu gostaria de saber, caso estivesse procurando uma Au Pair…. A minha carta ficou bem longa, devido á esses detalhes kkkk… Mas pra mim, eu acho que ela está Ótima!!!
Para poder ficar mais fácil, eu primeiro a escrevi em Português e depois passei pro Inglês, eu achei muito mais fácil, porque em algumas frases eu pude contar com a ajuda do Google Tradutor kkkk.. Eu também deixei bem claro na carta que não sei toda a gramática do inglês caso eles encontrassem algum erro. Ser o mais sincera possível na sua carta já é uma forma de ganhar a confiança da familía, porque nenhuma familía ira querer uma linda e bela carta, e olhar no Facebook de sua futura Au Pair, fotos que provem totalmente o contrário não é? Entãoo…
Olhem aii…
Dear FamilyMy name is Gleiciane, my friends call me Anne. I’m 19 years old and live with my parents. My mother Roseli 46 years old, she is my best friend and cooks very well . My father Jair 40 years old,  is mechanic, affectionate and is my example in life.
I have 8 brother and I’m the big sister of the second marriage of my mother and my brothers are Gracielle 17 years, Gabriela 15 years, Gleison 14 years old and Jair Junior 12 years old, at home  we always watch television together and dined together. We live in São Paulo Capital, my city is the largest and most populous city in Brazil. love living here because there are many malls , parks and major attractions .
When I was 13 years I learned to have responsibility so then I could help my mother in the household chores. I used to take of my two younger brothers Gleison and  Jair for my mother can go to work .
I have a big family, and they  live in Campo Limpo Paulista that is a small city .I love them all , and in celebrations of the end of the year the whole family gets together for we can celebrate Christmas and New Year together , my mother always does meals and sweets and  always are better every year . And I love being around everyone, because we can to laugh , kill the longing and tell good stories .
My friends are the best in the world, are few but are those who I can really trust and who support me and care about me. I like to go out with them to the movies, eating, going to the theater and sometimes we go to the park.
In my free time I enjoy reading. My favorite books are The fault is of the Stars and The Future of Human also like to hear songs like as Jorge Vercílio , Ana Carolina and Cassia Eller, who are great musicians of MPB . I love learning new things on the internet as English, Photographic and other things, I love to cook sweets , I think I pulled it from my mother, the best candy I cook are Passionfruit cake and pudding , I hope to one day have the opportunity to make this for you .
I have a dog named Akira and I found on the street, she was alone and hungry, and when I saw I could not leave it there and since then I  create as my daughter .
I love to drive, I am very responsible and careful and I have never been in a car accident. I recently I took  my driver license, but  always I try to drive the best and most careful way possible. I usually drive in my neighborhood, but I ‘ve never traveled to other cities . But I’m willing to improve everything I can.
I would describe myself to an open-minded, patient and outgoing person , my family and friends say that I’m very funny .  I am shy to make new friends I am careful and patient, I love children, because they are fun and sincere.
I started working 16 years at the same company where my sister Simone works , started as a receptionist and after six months I was promoted to auxiliar personnel department , after 5 months I was promoted to financial auxiliary where I working now. I love working there because the people are friendly and fun, so every day is always a different day. I do not like routine, I like to new things.
Last year I graduated from high school, and I want to graduated in psychology when I return from the United States. I’m not sure if this is really the area I want to work, so I hope to find my answers in this exchange.
I have a boyfriend his name is Victor, he’s companion, friend and was the first to learn of my decision to be an Au Pair in every moment his supports me and helps me in need.
My experiences with children have been voluntary in a NGO Dreaming Awake,  every year is the Christmas event which is the day especially for children from poorer cities, the mission of NGOs is that the child forget family problems and get the best day in your life, this is what I admire most in this institution . I took care of two children Andrey 10 years old and Gabriel 10 years old, I was all with them doing activities and taking the toys available in the event day.
I decided to be an au pair because I love children, live new experiences I hope this experience can help to improve my skills and English living , working and studying in USA would be great for my future career . I also would like to travel abroad and know more about the American way of life , about the American culture and share experience with you . I think That would be fascinating to get to know about other country and culture while working, studying and living there . I want to do my best work and I would take care of your children ‘s They Were my own children . I want to give them all my care and knowledge and I would do it lovely and carefully.
Now I’m excited waiting for your contact, so then you can make my dream come true . I want to meet different places and a different way of life in your family, Which will make part of my life and it will be unforgettable! Certainly we have a lot of good ideas and experiences to change.

Sorry for anny error in English.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Thank you!
Best regards ,
God bless you !


  1. Karen disse:

    Hi Gleiciane =)
    Estava pesquisando sobre o programa AU PAIR e cheguei até sua carta, que a proprósito achei demais, falou sobre sua vida de maneira simples mas bem sincera.
    Desejo toda sorte do mundo pra você em muito sucesso na sua vida!

    Parabéns pela coragem de encarar uma nova experiência de vida e mais uma vez boa sorte! =)


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