8 mai 2011

O que esperar do trabalho de au pair

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Meninas, segue um típico e-mail do momento das entrevistas. Coisas que precisamos saber antes de fechar com a host family como a rotina com as meninas, horários, dias de folga, uso do carro, etc. Postei em inglês pra vocês já irem se acostumando com o vocabulário:

Working hours

During August, we need you to take care of the girls from whenever they wake up (9:00+-) to 6:00, Monday – Friday. Starting in September, when the girls are in school, you will have to get the girls to school in the morning (working hours 7:00-8:45am) and then pick them up in the afternoon and watch them until we get home (2-6pm). We generally arrive home around 6:00. When school has a vacation or if one of the girls is sick, we’ll want you to stay with them during the day unless that interferes with your school schedule.

As required by the au pair program, one weekend per month will be free. The other weekends we will ask you to work 3-9pm on Sunday so that Deb and I can go out to dinner.

If the family goes away for a weekend, we will invite you to come with us and pay for your activities (skiing, for example), but that will be considered family fun time, not working time.

If you want to arrange time off, we need to have some advance notice so we can change our schedules.


We want you to keep the girls safe. You’ll need to feed them breakfast and lunch, and sometimes supper. The girls will probably have swimming lessons and other activities after school, and we will ask you to take them to those. Otherwise there are lots of kids in the neighborhood and we would like them to play outside as much as possible. We want to minimize the amount of time they spend in the house and watching TV or movies. We’ll want you to (informally) teach the girls about your country and culture and language.

Car use

When you first arrive, we will spend some time with you making sure you are comfortable driving. One of our cars will be for your use during the day. In the evenings, if you are going into the city for entertainment purposes (clubs, friends, etc.) we’ll suggest using the commuter train, which is right nearby. It is difficult to drive in Boston, as well as to park. If you are driving other places not in the city, we can discuss using a car.


You will be able to use one of our computers (or our Internet connection, if you have your own) to email with your friends and family and use the Internet. We will give you a $25 per month phone card for you to call home.


We will want you to cook for the girls, help them do their laundry, and help them to clean up after themselves. We will not expect you to cook or clean for us.


  1. Amanda disse:

    Uau, eu espero poder encontrar uma família assim!

    • Carol disse:

      É mesmo! Deve ser muito melhor quando a host family deixa tudo assim bem claro, evitando futuras surpresas. Mas isso acontece sempre, todas enviam esse tipo de e-mail?

      • Eles me mandaram esse e-mail porque perguntei TUDO, daí eles responderam o q está listado no texto. Recomendo q vcs façam o mesmo! Normalmente a família só manda um anexo com uma carta de apresentação.

  2. E foi com essa que fechei!

  3. Ana Carolin disse:


    Gostaria de saber quais são as perguntas que geralmente temos que fazer as famílias que se comunicam conosco.
    Você poderia colocar no site ou me mandar por e-mail todas as perguntas que você fez para as familias?!


  4. Raphaela disse:

    geente, como algumas meninas já disseram, espero ter uma familia assim!
    Vou fazer o que vc recomendou, perguntar tudo tim tim por tim tim! haha

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