1 jun 2015

Palavras que mais ouço dos meus meninos.

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No post anterior falei sobre as palavras que mais falo para os meus meninos. Agora ta na vez de contar o que mais ouço deles haha

  • Annie, Where is mommy?
  • Annie, Where is daddy?
  • Annie, Where is Michael and Shayna?
  • Can I have orange, please?
  • Can I have goldfish?
  • Can I go play outside?
  • Where is Bara?
  • Can we go to bara’s house?
  • Annie, Did you see Thomas? ( the train)
  • Oh common
  • You can’t catch me!
  • What is that?
  • Where is Brady? (the dog)
  • Brady is biting.
  • For the first time in forever ♫
  • Can I watch a show?
  • Annie, put the show on.
  • I want watch a show.
  • Annie you do it.
  • Mommy, no Annie
  • Can I have your coffee?
  • Monkey
  • Bird
  • Look the airplane
  • Annieeeee
  • Nana ( that means banana)
  • Tummy
  • Annie Where are you going?
  • Can I some ?
  • Can I have your toast?
  • Toast is ready?
  • Annie put show on.
  • I’m ready to go.
  • Where is my bag pack?
  • Annie come play with me and my trains;

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