28 abr 2015

Perguntas para a Host Family

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Oiii geeente,

 Para quem está online esperando ansiosamente para uma família entrar no perfil, aqui vai algumas perguntas que é bom ter em mãos na hora do Skype. Aliás pergunte tudo e não deixe passar nada!!

  •  How many children do they have?
  •  How old are their children?
  • What are their names?
  •  What do the children like doing?
  • What other tasks will you help with?
  • The kids they energetic or calm kids?
  • What are their favorite games and toys?
  • The kids take any medicine?
  • The kids go to the school?
  • How do they go to school, by bus? Am I going to drive them to school?
  • Have the kids suffer from any kind of allergies?
  • Se a criança for um baby: Is she/he walking and talking?
  • What do they usually eat? (for breakfast and lunch)
  • Is there any kind or food that you don’t eat?


  • What is your name? What is your wife’s name (or husband)? How old are you?
  • Where do you work and what do you do?
  • Do you have any religion?
  • Do family members or relatives live nearby?
  • What are their hobbies and interests?
  • What do they like doing at the weekend?
  • Are there other any au pairs nearby?
  • Are there any rules/curfews to follow?
  • Do they have any pets?
  • What is your family’s routine on the weekdays?
  • What are their activities?


  • What will my schedule be like?
  • What will be my responsibilities with each kid?
  •  What kind of activities will you expect (expectative) me to do with the children?
  • Will I need to drive?
  • Will I need to take the kids to school?
  • How far is the school?
  • Am I supposed to make dinner or lunh for the kids?
  • Will I be asked to prepare meals for the kids?
  • What would be my activities while the kids are at day care?
  • What time do the kids go to day care? What time do they leave?
  • When would be my days off?
  • Am I supposed to make dinner?
  • When I’ll have a free time?
  • Will I have access to internet and computer?
  • Can I receive and makes phone calls in your hause?
  • What time will I have time to study?
  • What time can I get home during the week and on the weekends?
Car and Bathroom

  • Is a state drive’s license required?
  • Will I have permission to use the car? How ofthen? How far?
  • Are there only certain times when I can use the car?
  • Can I use the car in my free time?
  • Will I have to pay for the gas when I use the car?
  • What about the au pair’s bedroom, what part of the hause is the bedroom located?
  • Will I have a private room, bathroom? Will I have a Tv in my room?

Espero que tenha ajudado, beijos :*

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