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Residence beneath the income tax treaty will be of importance in determining which income could be taxed in Norway.

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You will generally be liable to tax in Norway only on salary income earned in Norway, real property or business income in Norway and share dividends from Norwegian companies if you are tax resident in Norway under Norwegian internal law but resident in another country under the tax treaty. You may be liable to tax on retirement benefits and disability advantages of Norway as well as on money.

You will in pricipal be liable to tax in Norway on all your capital and income if you are resident in Norway under both internal law and the tax treaty. The income tax treaty contains guidelines in regards to the avoidance of double taxation also it may additionally curb your responsibility to pay for income tax to Norway.

Documentation of residence abroad

In the event that you claim become resident an additional nation under Article 4 for the income tax treaty, you need to report their explanation this into the taxation workplace in Norway. You need to submit A certification of Residence from the income tax authorities when you look at the other nation which expressly states that the taxation authorities worried think about one to there be resident underneath the taxation treaty. The certification of Residence must certanly be a initial document and it should relate to the taxation treaty with Norway and state the time it pertains to. The taxation workplace might need you to definitely provide a brand new certification of residence for every earnings 12 months.

Also in the event that you distribute a certification of Residence which states that one other nation’s tax authorities think about one to be income tax resident there, the Norwegian taxation office shall execute a completely independent evaluation of for which you must certanly be deemed resident underneath the income tax treaty. The requirements because of this evaluation are lay out within the taxation treaty’s article 4 (2).

If you reside an additional nation and genuinely believe that your link with that nation is in a way that you may be resident here under the income tax treaty, you need to bring this matter up with all the income tax workplace in Norway. You’ll then have to present A certification of Residence and supply the information concerning your link with one other nation also to Norway this is certainly necessary to enable the taxation office to evaluate issue of residence. Equivalent pertains if you should be really taxed in the income that is same both one other country plus in Norway.

If your dual taxation situation is maybe not solved in this manner, you need to bring the problem up with all the taxation authorities in the united kingdom where you claim to be resident. In the event that you claim become resident in a nation except that Norway, you have to bring the problem up with either the Ministry of Finance for the reason that nation or using the income tax authority which includes been authorised to manage such dual taxation instances. In the event that authority working with the outcome concludes if they are unable to eliminate the double taxation themselves that you have been taxed on the same income in two countries, they will bring the matter up with the Directorate of Taxes or the Ministry of Finance in Norway. You can bring the matter up with the Directorate of Taxes if you are resident in Norway.

You will always be obliged to submit a fully completed tax return to the Norwegian tax authorities if you are tax resident in Norway under Norwegian internal rules but resident in another country under a tax treaty.

The principles tax that is concerning in Norway regarding the going to or from Norway are put down in Section 2-1 second to sixth paragraphs of this Taxation Act.

Salary earnings, etc. that is pa >

Salary earnings as well as other advantages which were made based on your work that is personal input but that’s perhaps maybe not compensated before your income tax obligation in Norway ceased under interior legislation, needs to be recognised at the time of the date your taxation liability ceased and start to become taxed in Norway. This might as an example be holiday pay, bonus re payments, severance pay (“parachute payments”), etc. It generally does not impact your income tax obligation in the event that re payment amount is not determined until following the work happens to be performed, or that the re payment is not to be produced until a specific time period following the work ended up being done.


Someone moves to Norway from Sweden in February 2014 and works here in Norway until October 2016. Anyone then moves back again to Sweden and it is assigned the status of ‘emigrated from Norway for income tax purposes’ with effect from 1 January 2017.

In-may of the season following the person emigrated, anyone gets an added bonus re re re payment from their previous Norwegian employer based regarding the work they performed in 2016. Given that individual is not a taxation resident of Norway into the 12 months of payment, the bonus repayment should be recognised and taxed into the year of emigration.

You must contact the tax office so that the tax assessment and withholding tax for both the year of payment and the year of emigration can be assessed correctly if you receive such benefits.

Tax on latent gains on shares etc. on going from Norway (exit taxation)

In the event that you meet with the demands for cessation of taxation residence pursuant to domestic legislation or even a income tax treaty you may be liable to tax regarding the rise in worth of stocks etc. up to the date you move from Norway. The quantity prone to taxation could be the gain that will have already been liable to tax in the event that shares etc. was in fact realised in the before the cessation of full tax liability day.

These guidelines additionally use in the event that you move shares etc. to your better half who’s taxation resident abroad.

The income tax liability pertains to gains associated with:

  • stocks and equity certificates in Norwegian and companies that are foreign
  • devices in Norwegian and unit that is foreign
  • holdings in Norwegian and foreign partnerships etc.
  • registration liberties, choices along with other instruments that are financial to stocks etc., including choices from your own company

There’s no requirement regarding the measurements for the ownership desire for the ongoing business or the amount of ownership.

If the total web gain (after any deductible loss) doesn’t go beyond NOK 500,000, the latent gain just isn’t prone to income tax. In the event that total gain that is net NOK 500,000, the whole gain is prone to tax.

Latent losses are just deductible whenever moving to some other EU/EEA country and just to your level a deduction is certainly not given within the other country. The taxpayer is just eligible to a deduction if the web loss surpasses NOK 500,000.

The income tax liability applies aside from the length of time you have got been taxation resident in Norway.

The latent gain that is prone to income tax is determined and examined in reference to the income tax evaluation for the 12 months whenever you relocated (the afternoon prior to the cessation of complete income tax obligation). Any latent deductible loss will additionally be determined relating to the assessment when it comes to 12 months you relocated, nonetheless it will never be settled until such time while the shares etc. are realised.

Statement shares that are concerning.

Once you claim in your income tax return that tax obligation to Norway being a resident has ceased pursuant to domestic legislation or even a taxation treaty, you need to submit a declaration addressing all stocks etc. within the taxation obligation, and a calculation associated with the gain. This applies regardless of just exactly exactly how numerous stocks etc. you have. The declaration needs to be offered into the kind RF-1141 “Gevinst og tap pa aksjer og og andeler ved utflytting” (Gains and losings on stocks and holdings on going from Norway – in Norwegian only) and presented with the income tax return.

The opening value regarding the shares etc. is set prior to the rules that are ordinary. You can demand that the market value on the date when you became tax resident in Norway be used as the opening value for the shares etc if you have lived in Norway for less than ten years. The opening value may perhaps not, however, be set more than the closing value.

The closing value will probably be set at market value regarding the the shares etc. are deemed to be realised, i.e. the day before the cessation of full tax liability day. For detailed shares, the typical return value in the realisation date will probably be used. For unlisted shares and holdings without having a understood market value, the worthiness should be stipulated through the workout of discretionary judgement.

Deferment of re payment regarding the taxation

You may well be issued a deferment for re payment regarding the taxation in the latent gain you furnished adequate security for the tax until you actually realise the shares etc., provided. Perhaps you are issued a deferment without protection needing to be furnished whenever you proceed to an EU/EEA country and Norway includes a treaty by having a supply that the national nation you go on to will trade home elevators your earnings and assest and help in the data recovery of income tax claims. You may additionally be issued a deferment for payment associated with income tax without security needing to be furnished whenever you go on to Svalbard. You need to need a deferment for re re payment within the type RF-1141.

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